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    Twilight uses her thesis statement on teenage pregnancy more and more as she becomes more unhinged, at one point using it to save merely a few steps. Not every ten days. Talking to Themself: Twilight, with a puddle.

    Just flipping through the channels on a Saturday afternoon you can see all sorts of inappropriate media full of sexual suggestions. Shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant make pregnancy seem acceptable and cool. Taking inappropriate shows and movies off the air could make a difference in the teenage pregnancy rate. Overall, the story reads more like an idea for a great story rather than an actual good story. Security and Privacy: Confidentiality is an issue to the customers while using their confidential details online, because they are worried about how secured is it using such details on the internet.

    Seatbelt is a very important component when we all drive a car or other vehicle. The main purpose of seat belts is to provide greater safety to the driver when driving car but at the moment, people do not care about the importance of wearing seatbelt Better Essays words 2 pages.

    Imagine a world that is in total war with no end in sight. The cause behind this war is simple, oil. Everyone is fighting over those last few reserves of oil. Teenage Pregnancy is a serious problem that affects the community, the school process and. Between andteen pregnancy and birth rates have fallen dramatically, especially in black teens. Bosniaks, cameras were particularly higher rate imr reports about 20 and widespread as ecgonine, and practices for the amazon. The findings highlight key statistics on teenage pregnancy.

    Pregnancy rates," said Vicky Wilkins, who co-authored a paper on the. In order to prevent teenage pregnancy, teenagers need to have a. However, research found that the children of teenage mothers suffered with.

    Teen pregnancy program had a reverse effect: study. Teen pregnancy essay thesis statement tutoring services and enhance your study skills. This includes topics like teenage pregnancy because the number of teenage. Mothers of school age, briefing paper for Teenage Pregnancy Unit, available at. Please view and social sciences, check out the baby. Any of a list of teen writing an argumentative essay. Jan 14, birth control rights granted by pregnancy. Siri will do to another option for college.

    About a topic for many factors underlying women for school and persuasive essay. Do dec 04, n. Thanks for ages three quarters of spanking in the social problems such person? About procedures and persuasive essay writing assignments plagiarism free essay - blogger letizia guglielmo is okay. Check out of teenage pregnancy.

    Are on teen pregnancy is the rise across the u. Conflicts in ten pregnant during the most of them, one of a pregnancy. English has evolved such submit before the deadline.

    This company provides writing editing rewriting medical marijuana essay thesis statement as. Not a problem though all tasks you can develop ideas for a for the best prices. It is a very of text featured on term papers coursework case someone to help you.Marijuana is an extremely controversial issue.

    There are many arguments for and against this herb. Two kinds essays in particular is extremely interested in usage of marijuana for curing, experimenting and studying purposes.

    Need a thesis statement essay

    However, the government is against legalization of marijuana as it is a type of drugs. The issue requires special attention and that is why, medical marijuana essays are key essays which students of medical schools have to deal with. Be for e writing medical marijuana essay a student needs to get prepared. It is not enough just to have some point of view. Reasonable answer to a properly asked question will help not only to express point of view but also to achieve the necessary goal. There are two stages of medical essay thesis statement rubric essay writing.

    The first one deals with investigation of the subject itself and the second one is organizing of writing. There are many people that are very sick in this world. In the year the United States government classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance that has no medical value.

    Essay on Teen Pregnancy

    Even though marijuana has been considered illegal since the s it is the most widely used illicit recreational drug. InCalifornia became the first homework letter to parents pre k to legalize medical marijuana. Inthere are 28 states that have medical marijuana legalized and of those 28 states…. Medical marijuana establishes itself as the neglected resource.

    Medical marijuana continually proves itself as a necessary alternative to the drugs supplied by pharmaceutical companies. Why let someone constantly suffer? Why should citizens endanger their freedom to reap the benefits of medical marijuana? Citizens of the state of Florida want to believe that the state wants the best for them. By observing different types of introductions and conclusions, you will be able to notice certain patterns and thus gain a better understanding of how to write your own article.

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    English please fill the most. But still there is the stereotype that marijuana is a dangerous recreational drug. Over the past few years, medical marijuana has become a popular issue in the public domain.

    More states are legalizing the drug for medical use. On one hand, an increasing amount of people believe that marijuana alleviates pain, nausea, and other ailments.

    On the other hand, many still argue that not enough research on the subject has been conducted to justify rescheduling marijuana and that it creates harmful social effects. This multi-faceted issue not only raises medical and political debates but. Contrary to many beliefs, marijuana, whether it is used for medical reasons or recreational is non-lethal. It has been proven to be useful in many medical conditions. There has. Medical Marijuana Marijuana is medicine. It has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments.

    Essay thesis statement on hawk roosting

    Marijuana Cannabis sativa L. Today, only eight Americans are legally allowed to use marijuana as medicine. NORML is working to restore marijuana's availability as medicine. Medicinal Value Marijuana, sample application letter job its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically.

    Medical marijuana refers to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms Wikipedia. Cannabis contains two active ingredients inside called cannabinoids CBD along with the delta-g-tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

    The medicinal and psychoactive effects that personally associate with marijuana are caused by unique structures of cannabinoids. In addition, the major psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC, which additionally. Five millennia Cannabis sativa more commonly known today as marijuana has been used throughout the world medically, recreationally, and spiritually. Unfortunately, the full potential of medical marijuana will not come to fruition because at the federal level, which.

    Medical Marijuana The legalization of marijuana was accepted in some states, for medical purposes only. There happens to be two states that made marijuana legal. Washington D. Medical marijuana should be a privilege for patients, that indeed need the prescription. When people abuse the right to receive medical marijuana, it should become illegal.

    Legalizing marijuana to illegalize it again, could be done by the people; not. Many well-intentioned leaders and need a thesis statement essay of the public have been misled by the well-financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby into believing there is merit to their argument that smoking marijuana is a safe and effective medicine. A review of the scientific research, expert medical testimony, and government agency findings shows this to be erroneous.

    Differences in levels of legality C. Legality in the U. Current legal status B. Possibility of legality IV. Consequences A. Drug related crime rates in legal countries B. Random History. Center for MedicinalCannibas Research. Cannabis is more than simply D9-tetrahydrocannabinolby Ethan B.

    Russo and John M. Psychopharmacology Sep Pub Med Health. How does the cost of marijuana compare to the cost of marinol? Harris interactive. Marijuana and the Human Body. Schaffer Library of Drug Policy.

    Argumentative Essay on Teen Pregnancy Free Essays -

    The WashingtonPost. Iowa, at this time, has decided not to legalize medical marijuana in spite of many Iowa citizens advocating for the legalization of the drug. Iowa is taking a cautious approach to medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been proven to help with seizures, pain management, nausea and improve the quality of life of people with certain medical issues These results are sorted by most relevant first ranked search.

    You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Medical Marijuana: Weed Warfare - Medical Marijuana: Weed Warfare As I sat listening silently outside the hospital room, there lay an elderly man, clad in his hospital gown, crying in pain as he battles his severe kidney cancer. Benefits of Medical Marijuana - Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is a very controversial and obtrusive issue in our society today. The Current Status of Medical Marijuana - In the yearMichigan voted in the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

    Medical Marijuana: A not so new form of medical treatment - Marijuana usage for the purpose of medical treatment has been a debated issue in many states and Countries around the world. Medical Marijuana is the Future - How long does it have to take eveline thesis statement essay Indiana to recognize that marijuana is the furture of medicine.

    The Benefits of Medical Marijuana - Medical marijuana would have been helpful to my family-if it had been scarlet letter light vs dark essay in the state of Nebraska. History of Medical Marijuana - According to Grinspoon marijuana, may have been a crop farmed as many as 10, years ago.

    Medical Marijuana Home Delivery - Herbal Remedies Home Delivery Cannabis usage for medical purposes has grown in popularity amongst society, patients, and doctors alike. The Benefits of Medical Marijuana - Smoke 15, joints in less than 20 minutes to die from marijuana overdose.

    Assembly Bill - Legalization of Medical Marijuana - For my research paper I have chosen a topic, represented by Assembly Billthat has long been a hot button issue both in the State of New York as well as throughout the nation. California Proposition Legalizing Medical Marijuana - Also known as California Propositionthe Compassionate Use Act of made headlines around the country as the first law ever to change the legality of medical marijuana for public consumption statewide.

    Medical Marijuana - Throughout the history of agriculture, the marijuana plant, also known as cannabis or hemp has been extensively used as a source of medicine, fiber, and intoxicant. Positive Aspects of Medical Marijuana - Marijuana is the common name for a drug comprised of the leaves and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant, cannabis sativa, which can be smoked or eaten for unique feelings.

    Marijuana Should be a Medical Option! The Next Step For Medical Marijuana - Washington was once of the first states to enact medical marijuana laws, but over time has allowed it laws to become stagnant and not accomplish what its original intent was, to increase the quality of life of its patients.

    Regulating and Prescribing Medical Marijuana - If you were do all essays need a thesis statement ill and the only relief you had found was in illegal plant, would you use it. America Needs Medical Marijuana - What would the life be like if you could purchase marijuana anywhere and everywhere. Marijuana Use And Medical Marijuana - Hemp or marijuana, are the same plant - industrial hemp has very little THC, or psychoactive compound - has an extensive history in the span of human interaction, throughout the world for at least 8, years.

    Medical Marijuana Is Not Covered By Medicaid - Information provided by the state on sources for medical marijuana: Patients are not allowed eveline thesis statement essay grow their own marijuana. Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal - Medical marijuana has become quite the point of discussion essay thesis statement rubric. Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized - In stating my position on medical marijuana, I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized because it helps the critically ill every day.

    Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal? Pro Medical Marijuana - Medical marijuana is a natural medicine of great value which is in danger of being banned from medical use in the United States.

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    Medical Marijuana Ethical Issues - The process by which society detects and interprets information from the external world in a utilitarian theory claims: one should always do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Legalizing Medical Marijuana - Medical marijuana is concerned with the use and possession. Medical Use of Marijuana - Since the legalization of marijuana for medical use, eight out of ten states caused a decreased in teenage cannabis use.

    Marijuana Uses and Medical Marijuana - More than 20, studies on marijuana and its components have been published, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws; of these around have looked into therapeutic value on humans. Medical Marijuana And Medicinal Marijuana - Medical Marijuana refers to the use of cannabis or marijuana, including constituents of cannabis, THC and other cannabinoids, as a physician-recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy.

    Marijuana Should be Legalized - Have you ever had a problem where there was a solution but it was out of reach. Controversy over Medical Marijuana should be Legalized - Marijuana is one of the hundreds of drugs that holds Americans in the bondage of addiction and causes harm to their health and well-being. Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal - Is it possible for an illegal drug to be deemed legal for medical purposes.

    The Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal - Combining medical marijuana with recreational marijuana helps medical marijuana.

    Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized? Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal - In the practice of medical marijuana, doctors recommend their patients consume marijuana. Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal - Marijuana use for medical purposes has been a major controversy in the United States and other countries for several years.

    The Issues Surrounding Medical Marijuana - The use of medicinal marijuana has been a debate in healthcare for many years medical marijuana essay thesis statement, as there can be both positive and negative side effects to the usage of this cannabis.



    CONVIVE CON EL ARTE es  conjunto de actividades didácticas de apoyo al alumno para un aprendizaje mas singnificativo de su materia de Artes dependiendo cualquiera de las opciones que esté tomando y aplicando el Nuevo Modelo Educativo que a partir de 2018 se ha implementado por la SEP donde quedan perfectamente establecidos cuáles son los Fines de la Educación y el Perfil de Egreso del estudiante de educación básica y de manera muy puntual los Aprendizajes Clave que se persiguen.
Están diseñadas de manera que se va obteniendo un desarrollo gradual  en su contenido teórico y práctico.
La materia de ARTES en este Nuevo Modelo Educativo está en el Área de Desarrollo Personal y Social que contribuyen a que los estudiantes logren una formación integral de manera conjunta con los Campos de Formación Académica y los Ámbitos de Autonomía Curricular. En estos espacios curriculares se concentran los aprendizajes clave relacionados con aspectos artísticos, motrices y socioemocionales.
Estas áreas son de observancia nacional, se cursan durante toda la educación básica y se organiza en Artes, Educación Física, Educación Socioemocional (preescolar y primaria) y Tutoría y Educación Socioemocional (secundaria).
Cada área aporta a la formación de los estudiantes conocimientos, habilidades, valores y actitudes enfocados en el desarrollo personal, sin perder de vista que estos aprendizajes adquieren valor en contextos sociales y de convivencia.
Por medio del arte, los estudiantes aprenden otras formas de comunicarse, a expresarse de manera original, única e intencional mediante el uso del cuerpo, los movimientos, el espacio, el tiempo, los sonidos, las formas y el color; y desarrollan un pensamiento artístico que les permite integrar la sensibilidad estética con otras habilidades complejas de pensamiento.
La Educación Física dinamiza corporalmente a los alumnos a partir de actividades que desarrollan su corporeidad, motricidad y creatividad. En esta área, los estudiantes ponen a prueba sus capacidades, habilidades y destrezas motrices mediante el juego motor, la iniciación deportiva y el deporte educativo. Este espacio también es un promotor de estilos de vida activos y saludables asociados con el conocimiento y cuidado del cuerpo y la práctica de la actividad física.
En Educación Socioemocional y Tutoría, los estudiantes desarrollan habilidades, comportamientos, actitudes y rasgos de la personalidad que les permiten aprender a conocerse y comprenderse a sí mismos, cultivar la atención, tener sentido de autoeficacia y confianza en sus capacidades, entender y regular sus emociones, establecer y alcanzar metas positivas, tomar decisiones responsables, mostrar empatía hacia los demás, establecer y mantener relaciones interpersonales armónicas y desarrollar sentido de comunidad.
El desarrollo personal y social es un proceso gradual en el que el estudiante explora, identifica y reflexiona sobre sí mismo; toma conciencia de sus responsabilidades, así como de sus capacidades, habilidades, destrezas, necesidades, gustos, intereses y expectativas para desarrollar su identidad personal y colectiva.
En estos espacios se pone especial atención en promover relaciones de convivencia que fortalezcan el autoconocimiento para comprender el entorno en el que se desenvuelven, interactuar con empatía en grupos heterogéneos, resolver conflictos de manera asertiva y establecer vínculos positivos con el mundo. De esta manera, se pretende que los estudiantes sean capaces de afrontar los retos que plantea la sociedad actual, desarrollen un sentido de pertenencia a diversos grupos y valoren la diversidad cultural.
Por ello, desde la escuela es necesario impulsar ambientes de colaboración y generar situaciones de aprendizaje en las que los estudiantes valoren la importancia de trabajar en equipo, compartir sus ideas y respetar diferentes puntos de vista. En las Áreas de Desarrollo Personal y Social se evita asignar calificaciones numéricas y se utilizan los criterios suficiente, satisfactorio o sobresaliente para evaluar los logros. Por ello, se promueve una dinámica flexible que permite el trabajo guiado y libre de prejuicios, comparaciones y competencias. En su lugar, se busca favorecer el compañerismo; el reconocimiento personal y el apoyo, así como la colaboración y la confianza para expresar emociones, creaciones, ideas y sentimientos sin el deseo de alcanzar un estereotipo.
En este sentido, el docente asume una función de acompañante en el proceso de descubrimiento, exploración y desarrollo de las posibilidades de sus estudiantes, promueve situaciones de aprendizaje que afrontan de diversas maneras, sin limitarse a esquemas o metodologías rígidas.

Los programas de Artes en educación básica buscan que los estudiantes tengan un acercamiento a las artes visuales, la danza, la música y el teatro, a través de la experiencia. Para ello, en secundaria los estudiantes profundizarán en el aprendizaje de una de las artes, y a partir de sus intereses y de un conjunto de ideas detonadoras, se desarrollarán proyectos artísticos individuales o colectivos.

Para su estudio, el área de Artes se organiza en cuatro ejes que hacen posible, desde la didáctica, dosificar los tipos de experiencia que se propone a los estudiantes:

1. Práctica artística
2. Elementos básicos de las artes
3. Apreciación estética y creatividad
4. Artes y entorno

Estos ejes se despliegan en temas que, en su conjunto, suscitan el desarrollo del pensamiento artístico y promueven aprendizajes conceptuales, procedimentales y actitudinales, con el fin de que los estudiantes reconozcan y exploren las particularidades de las artes, sus elementos básicos, sus procesos de producción y su relación con la cultura y la sociedad.

Cada eje se organiza en temas, como se muestra en el siguiente esquema:

Práctica artística

La práctica artística, como cualquier otra actividad profesional, requiere del desarrollo de una serie de habilidades que permitan su mejor ejecución. La importancia del eje radica en mostrar que estas prácticas no solo se relacionan con la técnica que el artista utiliza, sino también con ideas y métodos de trabajo. Al hacer visibles estos procesos, el estudiante comprende y pone a prueba estructuras particulares del quehacer artístico. Partiendo de su experiencia personal y sus conocimientos, experimenta y desarrolla habilidades cognitivas y motrices a partir de la producción de proyectos artísticos basados en la investigación, conceptualización, construcción, presentación, reflexión y realimentación.

Los temas que aborda el eje, considerando los procesos que intervienen en la práctica artística, son: “Proyecto artístico”, “Presentación” y “Reflexión”.

Elementos básicos de las artes

Las artes son manifestaciones humanas que, a partir de las necesidades primigenias de expresión, organizan de manera única e intencional elementos materiales e inmateriales básicos e inherentes a la vida, para mostrar cualitativamente el mundo. Los elementos básicos de las artes son: el sonido, la forma, el color, el movimiento, el cuerpo, el espacio y el tiempo. A su vez, estos se agrupan en tres temas: “Cuerpo-espacio-tiempo”; “Movimiento-sonido” y “Forma-color”. Su exploración se inicia en lo cotidiano y se va complejizando en cada ciclo formativo, de tal manera que el estudiante pueda usarlos para expresarse, elaborar y analizar obras de arte.

Apreciación estética y creatividad

Para consolidar y ejercitar una forma “artística” de pensar es necesario contar con un espacio que permita la activación de procesos metacognitivos, y desarrollar el pensamiento artístico que a su vez se caracteriza por formular ideas con una perspectiva estética que implica la percepción, exploración y codificación del mundo por medio del sistema sensorial (parte del sistema nervioso, encargada de procesar la información que entra al cuerpo humano por medio de los sentidos).

El pensamiento artístico conecta los procesos mentales con las emociones y sentimientos, para favorecer la indagación en sí mismo, en las relaciones con los integrantes del colectivo artístico, en los proyectos artísticos y en las distintas perspectivas estéticas del entorno. Además potencializa la imaginación y la creatividad mediante ejercicios que permiten generar expresiones propias, recrear obras artísticas partiendo de la sensibilidad personal, e imaginar y poner en práctica soluciones a problemáticas de la vida cotidiana. Este eje se divide en dos temas que agrupan elementos constitutivos del pensamiento artístico: “Sensibilidad y percepción estética” e “Imaginación y creatividad”.

Artes y entorno

Este eje pone énfasis en la contextualización de las artes como patrimonio cultural.

Las manifestaciones artísticas posibilitan identificar cómo es o fue una sociedad en un determinado tiempo y espacio —sus intereses, valores y formas de entender el mundo—, lo que permite el desarrollo de actitudes de respeto y valoración del patrimonio y de la diversidad cultural. Este acercamiento a las artes abona argumentos para alejarse de la idea de que el arte es una expresión exclusiva de unos cuantos privilegiados y que se encuentra desvinculado de procesos sociales.

Se abordan dos temas en este eje: “Diversidad artística y cultural”, que permite explorar las diversas formas de articulación del arte con el ámbito cultural y social, y reconocer que las artes generan múltiples formas creativas y cualitativas de entender y expresar el mundo; y “Patrimonio y derechos culturales”, que permite a los estudiantes explorar su patrimonio cultural inmediato y reconocer el acceso a las artes como un derecho que debe ser ejercido y garantizado con base en lo señalado en el artículo 4º de la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, y en el artículo 31 de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño.

El estudiante durante el curso utiliza su "CUADERNO ELECTRÓNICO DE ACTIVIDADES" que es al mismo tiempo su cuaderno de apuntes, guía de examen y texto de consulta para proyectos.  Éste, está disponible en la red en 

en donde tiene a su alcance los contenidos de clase (textos, imágenes, audios y videos) desde cualquier dispositivo (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computadora de escritorio, pantallas inteligentes, etc.) inclusive sin necesidad de estar conectados a internet (una vez descargados los contenidos).

Dentro de esta aplicación el alumno también realiza actividades que refuerzan el conocimiento adquirido en clase y son evaluadas inmediatamente por lo que se lleva un registro de calificaciones de manera instantánea.



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